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Supporting IE is still a thing.

An interesting tidbit I came across today.

Apparently Internet Explorer won’t make an XMLHttpRequest from a given security zone into a more secure zone. It makes perfect sense, but I spent a ton of time figuring out that it wasn’t a CORS issue. I even spent a bunch of time looking into P3P – blech. I didn’t even realize the sites were in different zones until I had a eureka moment.

An actual update

Hmm, I haven’t posted here in quite a while. Oh well.

I was working on a utility a couple days ago to help me verify the checksums of a large set of files to help prevent against bit rot. Basically, it is a beefed up version of md5sum which can operate on an entire directory tree and update the checksum database somewhat intelligently.

Perhaps someone will find it useful – I decided to post it on github.